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Read the letter from the US Department of Education informing an Idaho Falls School District that the Title IX proportionality standard (gender quotas) will be applied to its high school athletic programs.


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Wrestling Hall Of Fame honors H. Clay McEldowney
10/07/2014 -- We at the ASC are proud to share the news that on September 21st our own H. Clay McEldowney was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, NJ Chapter as ‘Outstanding American.’ When asked at his induction ceremony what he sees as the greatest challenges facing the sport of wrestling, McEldowney listed Title IX’s [...]

Appeals Court Ruling Paves Way for Gender Quotas in High School Sports
10/02/2014 -- The followers of the American Sports Council (ASC) will recall that we’ve been warning for years that gender quota activists were setting their sights on applying Title IX’s proportionality rule to high school sports. Now, with a recent federal court ruling, that day has come. In a September 19, 2014 decision, the US Court of [...]

Temple to cut 7 teams
12/13/2013 -- Temple University Cites Title IX in Decision to Drop Seven Sports Teams The alarming trend of gutting university athletic programs in order to comply with Title IX’s rigid gender quotas has claimed more victims. The latest casualties come from Temple University in Philadelphia. Yesterday, the school announced that it was canceling seven sports, including baseball, [...]

Sports Are About Athletes, Not Gender Ratios
03/11/2013 -- In the public discourse, we rarely hear the case for Title IX reform. So it’s refreshing to see someone advocate for common-sense changes that would recover the law’s original intention ? equality of opportunity ? for the benefit of student athletics and beyond. In The Rocket, the Slippery Rock University newspaper, student and assistant sports [...]

Selling Out the Soul of the Olympic Games
03/05/2013 -- The uproar over the IOC’s decision to cut wrestling from the Olympic games has continued for weeks. And it’s no wonder. There are many reasons why this decision hurts the Olympic brand and negatively affects millions of young athletes around the globe. Eric Pearson, Chairman of the American Sports Council, explores these issues in the [...]

Danica Patrick Leads Daytona 500 Field
02/19/2013 -- Although the ASC’s coalition of sports doesn’t include motor sports, some of us are auto racing fans. So we’d like to congratulate Danica Patrick on her recent qualifying time that earned her pole position for the 2013 Daytona 500. Danica deserves tremendous praise for her accomplishment. We’d like to point out that Title IX had nothing to do [...]

IOC Decision on Wrestling Hurts Olympic Brand
02/16/2013 -- This week, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted to drop wrestling as an Olympic sport. This devastating decision comes after years of challenging times for our nation’s wrestlers, who, despite facing a large brunt of the cuts due to Title IX proportionality, have remained resilient. Here’s an official response: The ancient sport of wrestling is [...]

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